Welcome to HEMA4U, I’ve been a long time HEMA practitioner, as far back as when custom HEMA kit was mostly just a dream, and the AP Jacket was a twinkle in Axel’s eye. I’ve built HEMA4U as a space for those new to HEMA and even those who have been at it a while to come and discover more about this great hobby and get all they need. It is personally very important that those new to the community have a way of accessing the knowledge they need especially in the area of historical and source knowledge that is so hard to get into. First though…

We are an Amazon Associate site

What does that mean?

It means every time a purchase is made of an amazon product via my website I get a small percentage in commission.

Where does the money go?

Like for many in HEMA the idea of making money in this hobby is a touchy one for me as so many friends are involved.
The money goes first and foremost to upkeep of the site and growing it. Second it goes to me and whatever crazy HEMA or film related project I am working on next.
I have specifically made many choices in how I do things on this site that may not be good for earning money but I believe are better for the community, let’s hope this works.

That out of the way, let me encourage you to explore the site and have a look around at some of the stuff I or others have found useful in the past. All the products have been suggested to me or I have heard suggested by others during my time in this hobby. What’s more I hope this site will become a gathering point for those within the hobby offering products or services whether equipment, blogs, long distance training or knowledge.